Hi there! I'm David Liao, an enthusiastic Computer Science student in Ottawa, Canada. First and foremost thanks for taking the time to view my website! You've probably already seen my professional profile from the rest of the site, but the TL;DR is that I enjoy coding projects every now and then with new pieces of technology, then using global cloud infrastructure to deploy them to be seen by the world!

Here I'd like to show you a bit more about what I'm like, how I work, and things I enjoy doing when I'm not in front of a computer screen.

When I'm working, I like to think things through. This means considering my options each step of the way, and creating designs in my mind or on drawing software before implementing them. Doing so has allowed me to ask critical questions, learn more quickly, and produce better work.

I'm also a huge fan of productivity and getting stuff done fast. Our time is valuable, and I think it's best to minimize how much time we spend doing repetitive or menial tasks. I'm constantly looking for ways to speed things up — maybe it's learning new keyboard hotkeys, automating deployment processes, or just simply finding ways to keep my thoughts organized. It helps me gets things done and keeps things rolling.

In my community, one of my main driving factors is helping others succeed. I really hate it when people get frustrated or just give up on something I'm passionate about. In my second year of university, I joined Carleton's SSSC as a volunteer mentor, and held one-on-one sessions with other peers to help them navigate whatever situation they are in. Speaking with various mentees, I listened to whatever they needed help with, helped them navigate through their frustration step-by-step, and finally inspire them to work towards the personal goals they had set during these sessions.

Similarly, during my two terms being a Teaching Assistant for an introductory Comp Sci course, I've been able to help other students out from a more technical perspective. For students who were struggling with tutorials or assignments, I sat down with them and helped guide them through the thought process, while emphasizing best practices or tips and tricks that would make them more efficient. While for students who were more ahead, I provided them with insight on how the skills and knowledge learned from the course ties into the industry. To me, opportunities like these which allow me to uplift and inspire other people are super rewarding.

In my spare time, I like cooking, doing a variety of home improvement tasks, and spending time with friends and family. I stay active through cycling, going for walks, swimming, playing badminton, dragon-boating, and skiing (pre-pandemic and when it's the right season).

Well, that's just a glimpse into my life outside of my professional profile. If you'd like to chat about anything, definitely feel free to shoot me an email!